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Warwick Hatton is an architect, photographer and artist.  He wrote and illustrated a Feast of Gingerbread - a photographic history of 19thC houses in Montreal; guides on building conservation for the National Trust of Australia (NSW), contributed the photographs of Bathurst in Historic Places of Australia for the National Trust, and drew for several years a topical cartoon strip for NSW Planner Newsletter.  He has also written and illustrated Once Upon a Time – Not So Grim Fairy Tales, and illustrated three books by Antigone Kefala. He is currently exploring printmaking. When traveling abroad, he sends friends postcards, but they usually arrive after he returns.

Anna Couani is a Sydney writer, artist and teacher who taught Art and ESL in Intensive English Centres and secondary schools. She now runs an art gallery in Glebe in inner Sydney. She has published 6 books of poetry and prose and a serial novel in HEAT magazine in the 90's. Some of her visual work is here, some of her writing is here.
Kit Kelen

Laura Wellington is an American illustrator, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She went to university to study engineering, and somehow stumbled out with a degree in printmaking and creative writing, though sometimes the technical and the scientific will emerge in her drawings. Her website is

Rozee Cutrone
Born and based in Sydney Australia, I’ve been an artist since childhood - i paint, both figurative and abstract works, I draw and do a bit of sculpture as well and i’ve shown with Martin Browne gallery in Sydney. I’m near the end of a communications degree in social and political science. I have an online presence so look me up here!

Christopher (Kit) Kelen is a well known Australian poet, scholar and visual artist, and Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Macau, where he taught Creative Writing and Literature for sixteen years. Volumes of his poetry have been published in Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, French, Indonesian and Filipino. The most recent of Kit Kelen's dozen English language poetry books are Scavenger’s Season and A Pocket Kit 2. Kelen's most recent large-scale painting exhibition was Pictures of Nothing at All, held in 2014, at the Macao Museum of Art. Kelen has had a number of solo shows in Macao and also in Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Australia.  For the last several years Kelen has been facilitating the translation of Chinese poetry into English and Australian poets into Chinese, projects which have so far produced a dozen large scale bilingual anthologies. Kelen’s research into national anthems dates back to the 1990s and he has published many articles on this subject. Kelen has published two scholarly volumes about poetry: Poetry, Consciousness, Community (Rodopi 2009) and City of Poets – Exploring Macao Poetry Today (ASM, 2009). Kelen’s theoretical study of national songs, Anthem Quality was published by University of Chicago Press and Intellect Press in the UK in 2014. Kit Kelen is the Editor of the new cross-arts international on-line journal the wonderbook and is Literary Editor for Postcolonial Text.

Jason Sank grew up in Sydney, studied a BA in philosophy and english and has also done various boring jobs over the years. He is travelling around australia in a van as far as he can tell, interminably. He's always loved art ever since he drew all over the walls in kindergarten and would spend nap time secretly building queer objects out of mechano. He has also always been a terrible student and so for the most part is self taught. He loves ceramics and sculpture and anything messy (charcoal, paint etc).

Leung Shuk Yin 
巫里求C,愛上藝術&旅行,藝術給我幻想的空間, 旅行給我的意義給我前進的動力,在這個悠長假期認識的不只是世界地理,歷史, 還有那些動人的故事和畢生難忘的經歷. 由愛爾蘭,英國,法國,意大利,西班牙, 澳洲,紐西蘭,斐濟,印尼,新加坡,沙巴,菲律賓,馬來西亞,越南和泰國, 亞叔話: "揹住個書包周圍走"

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